Definition of bidding paddle in English:

bidding paddle


  • A paddle-shaped baton, typically marked with an identifying number, used to signal bids at auctions.

    • ‘One of them wielded bidding paddle 277, and the other wrote down their hammer prices in his catalog.’
    • ‘A week later I realized that winning the tickets and getting a bidding paddle were two different things.’
    • ‘By the time the last bidding paddle has been raised, the salerooms will have generated more than $20 million.’
    • ‘The package also includes one bidding paddle and the catalogues for the Live Auction, E-Auction and Barrel Auction.’
    • ‘The second night of the auction I threw away my notebook and sat down with a bidding paddle.’
    • ‘Bidders attending the auction will be required to register for a bidding paddle prior to the auction.’
    • ‘Participants in the bidding shall in advance request a numbered bidding paddle from Client Services.’
    • ‘Here you can register for a numbered bidding paddle that you will raise to indicate your bid.’
    • ‘Those prospective buyers who complete the registration set out above will be issued with a bidding paddle just before the sale.’
    • ‘Everyone from autograph collectors to the celebrity devotees were ready and waiting to raise their bidding paddles and walk away with a piece of the film legend.’
    • ‘Well I still have the game, but the auction tag and bidding paddle are worth way more to me.’
    • ‘Once this process has been completed you will receive a bidding paddle and a buyer's catalogue.’
    • ‘In a quick flash of bidding paddles, the car was sold to an anonymous Japanese buyer, setting the world record that 18 years later is still the highest price paid at auction for a motor vehicle.’
    • ‘Potential bidders will be given a bidding paddle upon registration and only bids made during the course of the auction by a person holding a bidding paddle will be accepted.’
    • ‘Clients will be able to pick up their bidding paddles on the day of the sale, prior to the auction, just outside the saleroom.’
    • ‘Get your bidding paddles ready because the popular Somerset Auctions is making another appearance at the Home & Garden Show.’
    • ‘It is practical to apply for a bidding paddle prior to the start of the sale, which gives you a bidding number and eight days credit.’
    • ‘Bids should be indicated by a loud voice or clear sign such as signalling with a bidding paddle.’
    • ‘You will need to register and receive your bidding paddle before the event.’
    • ‘On a Wednesday evening in early May a middle-aged man wearing a blue blazer walked into Sotheby's in Manhattan, collected a bidding paddle and followed an usher to a seat near the back of the room.’