Definition of biddable in English:



  • 1Meekly ready to accept and follow instructions.

    ‘a biddable, sweet-natured child’
    • ‘What's never questioned here, though it might have been, is the biddable character of Ishmael.’
    • ‘She did seem honest on the matters my partner and I raised (my partner proving a much more sophisticated and less biddable interrogator than me).’
    • ‘There isn't anymore an exclusively biddable media converting press releases into what people imagined was news.’
    • ‘The payoff for giving the German shorthaired pointer the exercise and training it requires is a stalwart companion - alert, biddable and very loyal.’
    • ‘In the days of the former administration, the backbenches and the party were so docile and biddable that they would do anything to support their leader.’
    • ‘Their homes and offices were bugged to give the United States notice of whether they were biddable.’
    • ‘She was still in shock, I thought, biddable, easy to direct.’
    • ‘One horse is biddable and can learn to obey commands, but the other is both deaf and violent, and so can be controlled only by force.’
    • ‘It is a new type of radio persona: softer, less brash and more biddable.’
    • ‘Was the heavier, unhappier Sophie more biddable, I wonder?’
    • ‘The empire's administrators liked their maharajahs to be foreign in attire and biddable in all things.’
    • ‘I suppose it's just that cats are less biddable.’
    • ‘The girls were very biddable then, they'd do what they were told and what their mother and father would tell them.’
    • ‘You've had border collies… are you saying that you want a dog that's high-drive, smart, biddable, etc, but just less so than a border?’
    • ‘Shepherds look for exceptional athletic ability, a biddable nature, and superior livestock sense.’
    • ‘Joe is a strong biddable dog with confident power and a great disposition,his pedigree has great depth which explains why so many of his offspring are now competing successfully.’
    • ‘A less biddable group would be difficult to imagine.’
    • ‘They were looking for someone upright, biddable, intelligent, presentable.’
    • ‘You were, generally, biddable on immigration, and tough on intolerance.’
    • ‘Louse is potentially biddable and a successful outcome needs the cooperation of all the adults with Louise's interests as the sole focus.’
    obedient, tractable, amenable, pliable, pliant, complaisant, cooperative, malleable, persuadable, like putty in one's hands, manipulable
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  • 2Bridge
    Strong enough to justify a bid.

    • ‘Suits are biddable when you hold a length of four cards headed by at least one honour card or you hold five or more cards.’
    • ‘Overcalls can be made with 8 to 12 points and a biddable suit, perhaps closer to 12 points at the two level, and, if nothing else, calls for the best opening lead.’
    • ‘If you only have one biddable suit (5+ card), you should rebid that suit.’
    • ‘A four card holding is the normal minimum suit length for a biddable suit at Bridge.’
    • ‘When a hand contains more than one biddable suit, look ahead to the rebid.’