Definition of bicycle clip in English:

bicycle clip


  • Each of a pair of metal clips worn by a cyclist round their ankles to prevent their trouser legs from becoming entangled with the bicycle chain.

    • ‘Having clocked up more than 50,000 miles during 75 years in the saddle, he has decided to hang up his bicycle clips for good.’
    • ‘We go around in anoraks and bicycle clips while they swish through in large cars.’
    • ‘He'll be the one with the brown trousers and the bicycle clips.’
    • ‘In fact, cycling was to become her mode of transportation until she was 81, when only the increasing traffic on the roads obliged her to put her bicycle clips into retirement.’
    • ‘The bicycle clips were on - he had taken them from me.’
    • ‘In simpler times ‘the guards ‘, had bicycles and bicycle clips, but so too had those whose lives they policed.’’
    • ‘One moment we were putting on our bicycle clips to go to a football match down the road and before anyone could say Jack Robinson we were driving around in a new car.’
    • ‘Distinguished participants milled about in the foyer leading to the stairs up to the glamorous assembly rooms above the Takeaway Kebab, removing waterproofs and bicycle clips.’
    • ‘The boys wore bicycle clips on their trousers to make sure they wouldn't catch in the wheel!’
    • ‘Fame nestles comfortably on his shoulders but fortune has not and while he admits to making money out of success he will have to get a ‘proper job’ when he finally hangs up his bicycle clips.’
    • ‘I boast nearly a full set of teeth and a pair of matching bicycle clips, worn out.’
    • ‘Those whose mothers had obliged and tapered their trousers - which pretty much consisted of doing with a zigzag stitch what a bicycle clip does to the bottom of a trouser leg - would stand a little apart and relish their cool.’
    • ‘The boys wore bicycle clips so their trouser legs would not get caught in the chain of the bike.’
    • ‘Up on my bike, I cycled the nine miles, my bicycle clips on, my lunch of homemade soda bread and country butter in my saddlebag - I was as happy a young guard as ever was seen on the road that day.’
    • ‘Poking her head out of the window, Jean took a look at the distinguished figure putting on his bicycle clips, donning on a cloth cap and mounting his bike.’


bicycle clip