Definition of biculturalism in English:



  • See bicultural

    • ‘Hence, the results revealed that students who had a greater awareness for, and interest in developing biculturalism had superior grade point average than their counterparts who had less interest in their heritage.’
    • ‘Through play and experimentation, children's texts foreground the possibilities of linguistic hybridity, bilingualism, and biculturalism.’
    • ‘Throughout the eight learning communities, the authors found a school-wide focus on facilitating individual student success by building on students' bilingualism and biculturalism.’
    • ‘Societal and school supports are essential for bilingualism and biculturalism.’
    • ‘They are learning about tolerance, about biculturalism and multiculturalism, about how to train for jobs, about how to broaden their minds, and about how make worthwhile interjections that are intelligible.’