Definition of biblically in English:



  • 1In a way that accords with or relates to the Bible.

    ‘a biblically grounded objection’
    ‘teach them to think biblically’
    • ‘A chance revelation provides him with the insight to realize that they are dealing with a biblically inspired murderer.’
    • ‘Biblically based faith helps to maintain freedom by holding together the invisible framework of social stability.’
    • ‘That all the performers looked picture-perfect yet moved freely in their biblically inspired costumes is a credit to the designer.’
    • ‘Biblically regarding taxes, the prophet Samuel stated a 10-percent rate is appropriate.’
    • ‘The Earth-centered theory that was supported by the Church in Galileo's time was not biblically based.’
    • ‘The institute wants to help us think and act biblically about current moral issues.’
    • ‘Clearly, that is not a biblically true statement.’
    • ‘You know, his life was lived very biblically.’
    • ‘Biblically inspired games were based on the Protestant worldview that success was reached by living a virtuous life.’
    • ‘His biblically named accomplice whips up some Old Testament wrath on what sounds like a couple of kerosene cans.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To a great extent.
      ‘a biblically idiotic haircut’
      • ‘It should at least be noted that Dylan, especially in the mid-60s, had a biblically large margin for error.’
      • ‘Something biblically terrible allows the keystrokes to rapid-fire.’
      • ‘He has a long-standing affinity for situating cartoony figures in various biblically scaled cataclysms and animistic riots of imperiled architecture.’
      • ‘The film historian describes Garfield as the most biblically angry of all the young men of the screen.’
      • ‘The fact that she was one the lesser annoying parts of the movie is a testament to how biblically horrible the movie is.’
      • ‘Africa's largest country can seem almost biblically blighted.’
      • ‘He says the Minimoog was a godsend to keyboard players who were jealous of guitarists and their biblically long solos.’
      • ‘It's been an almost biblically disastrous year for those in the tourism industry.’
      • ‘His mother's family were the type of biblically rich dynasties that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about.’
      • ‘Even 34 million viewers is not biblically proportional enough.’