Definition of biblical in English:



  • 1Relating to or contained in the Bible.

    ‘the biblical account of creation’
    ‘biblical times’
    • ‘Neither his books nor his biographers discuss any consideration of the Bible or biblical creation.’
    • ‘People wonder how millions of years could be squeezed into the biblical account of history.’
    • ‘The Bible stands at the center of our faith in that we read the biblical texts as Scripture.’
    • ‘Honest and loving dialogue between churches is a biblical and evangelical imperative.’
    • ‘The biblical parables of banquets are illustrations of such encounters.’
    • ‘Adoption in the New Testament is the central biblical image for entrance into the family of faith.’
    • ‘So it shouldn't be surprising that there have been many scientists who believed in biblical creation.’
    • ‘Therefore he takes the biblical account of creation and the flood as true, and then interprets the evidence in the light of that.’
    • ‘There is no compatibility between evolution and the biblical account of creation.’
    • ‘He laments the decline in commitment to the biblical text even among evangelical preachers.’
    • ‘The earliest written reference to Malta is in the biblical account of Saint Paul's shipwreck.’
    • ‘Narrative critics of the Bible are demonstrating for us how biblical stories are linked together.’
    • ‘Thus, early accounts of human diversity were framed within the biblical story of the creation emphasizing the unity of human kind.’
    • ‘What has been experimentally demonstrated is in no way inconsistent with the biblical account of creation.’
    • ‘The retelling of biblical narratives is a feature of the Bible itself.’
    • ‘Perhaps this is evidence for the biblical account of the human race spreading over the earth after a universal flood.’
    • ‘The empty tomb was mentioned in each of the four biblical accounts of the Gospel.’
    • ‘In this biblical account we encounter the power of recognition intertwined with the power of faith.’
    • ‘In the biblical account, Christ miraculously feeds thousands with just a little bread and a few fishes.’
    • ‘They studied the Bible at home, they wrote expositions of biblical texts and composed prayer books.’
    scriptural, bible-believing, fundamentalist, orthodox
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    1. 1.1 Resembling the language or style of the Bible.
      ‘there is a biblical cadence in the last words he utters’
      • ‘You can call my language flamboyant but it is also biblical.’
      • ‘Adam, who has the almost biblical language construction of the native Gaelic speaker, was brought up in the Highlands.’
      • ‘The poem is mythical and biblical not only in its style but also in its sources.’
      • ‘I did not mean for my poem to have any Biblical tone.’
      • ‘The premise that this biblical style was started by a French Huguenot teacher even seems debatable.’
      • ‘To be fair, he employs biblical language and imagery at strategic points along the way.’
      • ‘And all is told with an almost prophetic Biblical tone, with infinite foreboding and dark overtones.’
      • ‘Despite his high rhetorical tone and biblical cadences, even Jack sounded bored and out of touch.’
      • ‘The biblical language that the author recreates for her story further evokes Puritan regions.’
      • ‘The running narrative tone has a majestic, almost biblical cadence to it.’
      • ‘If only they had used biblical language at least it would have sounded less trite, hackneyed and cliched.’
      • ‘He pursues his tale in biblical style, through the testimony of four ‘alternative’ gospels.’
      • ‘The language of the book from the very beginning reveals its biblical nature.’
      • ‘Perhaps that is why his testimony is full of language which has an almost biblical resonance.’
      • ‘It also deals with a country divided by class, language and biblical argument.’
    2. 1.2 Very great; on a very large scale.
      ‘we need rainfall of biblical proportions to bring us back to normal’
      • ‘A glance over my shoulder confirmed the worst - the entire hedgerow was aflame in almost biblical proportions.’
      • ‘Suddenly, the heavens opened and there followed a rainstorm of biblical proportions.’
      • ‘His prose can rise to majestic, biblical heights and his cast of mind has a peculiarly North American sadness.’
      • ‘The slightest indiscretion from me would be enough to cause a tantrum of near biblical proportions.’
      • ‘The plunder ended abruptly after what one union official described as a collapse in cod stocks ‘of biblical proportions’.’
      • ‘It would take a miracle of biblical proportions for them to find a single useful bit of information from all the dirt and debris.’
      • ‘The heavens opened and a deluge of biblical proportions had within minutes, turned roads into fast-flowing rivers and gardens into lakes.’
      • ‘Contrary to initial reports, a great flood of biblical proportions is not being considered as a possibility.’
      • ‘The country is now facing famine on a biblical scale.’
      • ‘A battle of biblical proportions is brewing in full-size pickup trucks.’
      • ‘It may have been behind the worst climatic disaster of recent times, responsible for famine and death on a biblical scale.’
      • ‘At one point, he felt compelled to elevate his cause to Biblical heights.’
      • ‘Football truly is in the midst of a crisis of biblical proportions.’
      • ‘I couldn't help but think of that column as we faced news of truly biblical proportions last week.’
      • ‘There is no doubt in my mind at all that volcanic eruptions of biblical proportions have occurred many times in the history of this planet.’
      • ‘I have just returned from a visit a country ravaged by disease, poverty and hunger on a biblical scale.’
      • ‘Now, a year later, a new locust threat is poised to wreak havoc of biblical proportions, but this time, it's headed for Montreal.’
      • ‘On the second day, a storm of biblical proportions unleashes hail, rain and floods that carry away valuable equipment on rivers of mud.’
      • ‘Another seems to be happily hanging on, which is surely a miracle of biblical proportions.’
      • ‘Was I witnessing a spectacle of biblical proportions?’