Definition of Bible-basher in English:



  • A person who expounds or follows the teachings of the Bible in an aggressively evangelical way.

    North American term Bible-thumper
    • ‘Fortunately progressive and civil liberties groups exist to defend our rights to cut and be cut from these bigoted Bible-bashers.’
    • ‘Following my account of my verbal duel with the young Bible-thumper last month, I received a number of very abusive criticisms via e-mail, from three different posters.’
    • ‘Science's defenders should bring out national television crews, and let them interview the Bible-thumpers who come out for these battles on the local level.’
    • ‘The Greeks join American Bible-thumpers who resent their national hero being portrayed as homosexual.’
    • ‘They'll claim it's stereotyping but while I haven't come across priests like that I've met some nuns, real Bible-thumpers, who laid the whole guilt thing on me and warned me that I was heading straight to hell.’
    • ‘It's probably not just the Bible-thumpers who would have - or are having - a hard time with it.’
    • ‘This is why ‘fundamentalism,’ in my view, is basically a modern movement, sprung as much from Enlightenment atheists as from Bible-thumpers.’
    • ‘And though I'm anything but a Bible-thumper, I find quotable phrases in there from time to time.’
    • ‘‘If you come across as a Bible-thumper,’ he says, ‘frankly, I don't think you are going to be able to achieve your goal.‘’
    • ‘A tongue-in-cheek critique of fanatical Bible-thumpers, the movie has great acting performances.’
    • ‘What in the world is wrong with being a Bible-thumper anyway?’
    • ‘Hes an outspoken libertarian in his back-page soapbox columns, bashing Bible-thumpers and left-lib control freaks with equal venom for their efforts to censor comics.’
    • ‘And finally there's Natasha, a Bible-basher with a difference.’
    • ‘Some people tend to keep their pentacle hidden under their shirt because they fear being harassed by Bible-thumpers and the like.’
    • ‘By giving the Bible-thumpers a fair shake, the directors actually come off as the best Christians in the film.’
    • ‘These people, these Bible-thumpers, actually think that their ethical beliefs ought to be adopted by… everyone.’