Definition of bib overalls in English:

bib overalls

plural noun

North American
  • Dungarees.

    • ‘He had been working in the yard and was wearing his customary bib overalls, complete with pockets large enough to conceal an ‘N’ frame Smith, but today they held nothing, not even a small wrench or set of pliers.’
    • ‘That was more romantic and more interesting than the way these same Blackfeet were living in 1913 and 1914 when Seyler saw them, plodding behind a slip scraper on an irrigation project or plowing some dry, dusty bottomland in bib overalls.’
    • ‘You will need a clean set of bib overalls, a 100-watt light bulb and a pair of comfortable shoes.’
    • ‘The crowd erupts in joy as the furry former sitcom star strides onto the stage wearing a straw hat and bib overalls.’
    • ‘It's like the one that Grandad always kept in the pocket of his bib overalls.’
    • ‘The Gore-Tex portion of the line consists of two camouflage jackets, insulated bib overalls and pants.’
    • ‘She was wearing bib overalls like her father's, but several sizes larger.’
    • ‘Cyrus reached into the front pocket of his bib overalls and pulled out a chaw of tobacco and bit off a hunk.’
    • ‘He was wearing bib overalls that looked like they had seen many seasons worth of work.’
    • ‘Like most people in the region, we have grown accustomed to the world's determination to dress us in bib overalls.’
    • ‘I finally found a pair of work gloves that aren't way too big, but I would really like a pair of bib overalls.’
    • ‘The tousled blond wears tight bib overalls and is flanked by dark-eyed boys with blown-dry hair; they look like twins.’
    • ‘In stark contrast to the swank images used by most vodka producers, their campaign centers around a decidedly glamour-free pitchman: an elderly farmer, in bib overalls and a straw hat, standing amid amber waves of grain.’
    • ‘I met some of the neighbor boys- big Finn boys in bib overalls and with bare feet.’
    • ‘As he removed his green baseball cap and lowered his bib overalls, Kyle unleashed a cloud of dust that eventually disappeared into the examination room carpet.’
    • ‘They were wearing bib overalls, which seemed to be the required attire for this area.’
    • ‘Daryl looks at Ann's bib overalls and a white belly T-shirt.’
    • ‘Handguns are commonly found in glove compartments, tackle boxes and the chest pockets of bib overalls.’
    • ‘He was wearing bib overalls and the truck was quite a sight. The point was padded, the fender was flapping and the old truck was smoking.’
    • ‘She also is a pretty colorful writer, as she demonstrates in this description of Woody: He was dressed in bib overalls, sans shirt, with a chest full of wiry hair curling over the top.’


bib overalls