Definition of biaxially in English:



  • See biaxial

    • ‘Also disclosed are a method for producing a biaxially stretched film wherein such a composition is biaxially stretched by an inflation method, and a thus-obtained biaxially stretched film.’
    • ‘Sheets of biaxially oriented polypropylene have been toughened by stretching them in two directions, causing the chainlike polymer molecules to line up along the same direction.’
    • ‘These conductive buffered Ni tapes can be employed as long flexible substrates for biaxially aligned high-temperature superconductors.’
    • ‘The company produces biaxially oriented polypropylene film using a unique 'bubble' process.’
    • ‘A direct current electric cable has its conductor insulation formed by winding a tape of a biaxially oriented polymer provided on at least one face with a film of water-repellent grease.’