Definition of bi-level in English:



  • 1Having or functioning on two levels; arranged on two planes.

    ‘a bi-level ventilation system’
    • ‘In stairwells, new fixtures equipped with a built-in occupancy sensors and bi-level ballasts that drop the light and power level by 50 percent or more, if allowable, could be used.’
    • ‘Perhaps most surprising of all is that it's a hotel bar and booking into one of the W hotel's bi-level suites may certainly help with any potential hangover!’
    • ‘Apart from English and Maths, in many schools it is probable that the new Advanced Higher will be taught in bi-level classes with some students following Higher courses and others following Advanced and the teacher teaching both.’
    • ‘Apparatus for filing data used for identifying an individual and for executing bi-level printing and multi-gradation printing on the basis of the data’
    • ‘It's anyone's guess how Ken MacDonald recharges his creative juices but visually the set master has done it again with a bi-level concept that barely fits the stage.’
    • ‘The lower panel of the top falls to the hip and wraps in front for a bi-level hem.’
    • ‘I'm willing to guess its one of the few A-ball stadiums with a bi-level luxury box area.’
    • ‘The QM2's Deck 13, or Sun Deck, is fully three levels higher that the top of the QE2, where her luxurious bi-level Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth suites are located.’
    • ‘But what was most appealing was the bi-level layout.’
    • ‘Run by Danish GM Ole Nielsen, this is an almost 300 room hotel boasting 32 executive suites and even what is described as a 5 bedroom bi-level penthouse.’
    • ‘The same mask may be used with CPAP and bi-level machines.’
    • ‘Its premise is essentially that human speech is bi-level - forwards and backwards.’
    • ‘In addition to exceeding the ASHRAE standard, lighting systems will have to incorporate bi-level switching controls to qualify for the deduction.’
    • ‘The supplemental reds can be regarded as a nod to Newman's ‘zips,’ but they also create a bi-level arrangement that recalls the window shape of another riposte to the conventions of picture-making, Duchamp's Large Glass.’
    • ‘Daikichi has two bi-level conveyor belts, each about 20 feet long, with hot food like gyoza or heated firm tofu on the top belt under heat lamps, and cold food on the bottom belt.’
    • ‘Nielsen Bainbridge of Paramus, N.J., recently debuted its new Echelon profile, which features a bi-level face and a groove between the levels to create an illusion of two frames in one.’
    • ‘Continuous positive airway pressure or bi-level positive airway pressure machines use tight-fitting face masks to assist ventilation and reduce the work of breathing without intubation.’
    • ‘Disclosed is a bi-level container capacitor in which a bottom portion is smooth and an upper portion is rugged or rough.’
    1. 1.1North American Denoting a style of two-storey house in which the lower storey is partially sunk below ground level, and the main entrance is between the two storeys.
      • ‘A stroll through most bi-level homes reveals a hodge-podge of looks and styles that generally lack harmony.’
      • ‘I want to remove my old stucco on a bi-level home.’
      • ‘Laugh Lounge will be a bi-level bar/lounge waiting area on the ground floor and 130-person seating capacity performance space downstairs.’
      • ‘Bi-level, split entry, or raised ranch house plans also afford the opportunity to finish the lower level at a later date if you want, and sometimes can include a design for a private apartment on the lower floor plan level.’
      • ‘Everything works in unison to find clever and accessible ways to make the complicated bi-level story structure (upstairs for guests/downstairs for servants) easy to follow.’
      • ‘Yet nesting among the luxurious private residences are a number of apartment dwellers like Matt McCaulley, who recently opened the doors of his impressive bi-level space at Third and Pine Streets for a tour.’
      • ‘The lowdown On Day 1, you'll check into a bi-level condolike chalet at the Pines Resort and Conference Center in the town of Bass Lake.’
      • ‘The bi-level condo features two full bathrooms, a small outdoor deck and hardwood flooring throughout.’
      • ‘The bi-level house is a modified version of the ranch house, with the major difference being that the lower level is more out of the ground than in the ground.’
      • ‘Z Rooms, for example, have high vaulted ceilings and skylights; Marina Rooms have unimpeded views of Sydney Harbour and spacious bathrooms; while Lunar Loft Rooms are bi-level and have an entertaining area and upstairs bedroom.’
    2. 1.2 Denoting a railway carriage with seats on two levels.
      • ‘Boarding an inbound (to Dallas) TRE bi-level arriving in Dallas I immediately hit the DART light rail.’
      • ‘I also noticed a Virginia Railway Express consist with the new bi-level cars, similar to Tri-Rail in Florida.’
      • ‘Steel-clad glass doors frame a bridge view and open into a bi-level bar, a lounge with a Sunkist-orange pool table, and, as befits an art colony, rotating exhibits and the occasional live band.’
      • ‘Another curiosity: a Caltrain bi-level coach is sitting on the siding coupled to the café car.’
      • ‘The middle track is mainly used by bi-level diesel hybrid Port Jefferson Branch trains terminating for transfer to trains on the Ronkonkoma Branch.’
      • ‘It is an amtrak bus from LA to Bakersfield and a bi-level train to Oakland with only a snack car and then again a short amtrak bus ride to SF.’
      • ‘Tri-Rail operates train sets of 3 or 4 bi-level commuter cars pulled southbound by F40PHL - 2 or F40PHC - 2c locomotives.’
      • ‘We had to change at Mineola on the way out, but we got to ride on one of the new bi-level trains, which was enjoyable.’
      • ‘New efficient bi-level passenger coaches should be offered for Western Canadian passenger trains.’
      • ‘As stated earlier, the car was placed directly behind the transition dorm car, which is a bi-level Superliner car.’
      • ‘The Kentucky Cardinal operates with bi-level Superliner equipment and will offer passengers both coach and sleeping car service.’
      • ‘As I was photographing 77 a VRE bi-level arrived in on the track immediately next to us.’
      • ‘Note that even though they're bi-level, they look like they're not really much taller than single level cars.’
      • ‘I stopped at the newsstand before walking down stairs to the closet platform Track #1 to catch the Light Rail train with a MARC Bi-level train on Track #2.’
      • ‘We started investigating available leasing options, and we found that the only bi-level coaches available for lease were in Seattle.’
      • ‘In Sanford, FL we saw Amtrak's Auto Train and maintenance facility, automobiles being driven up steel ramps into the upper level the auto carrier cars, a line of headlights of cars waiting to load, and the bi-level Auto Train cars.’


North American
  • A bi-level house.

    • ‘Covering the areas from North Carolina up to Maine, Haven Homes offers numerous floor plans in multiple styles and types of dwellings, including ranch, cape cod, split level, bi-level, two-story, and vacation homes.’
    • ‘And the last condition would be for bi-levels would have a minimum of 1050 sq. ft. on the main level with a minimum total of 1600 finish able.’
    • ‘Very affordable housing in this area with a good mix of bi-levels, split-levels and two-story homes.’
    • ‘If you have a home that fits in this category, take heart in the fact that 90% of your fellow bi-level owners are right there with you.’
    • ‘This page addresses the exterior and interior issues that relate specifically to bi-levels.’
    • ‘Not that many years ago, all computer data center landscapes featured the equivalent of ranch houses, bi-levels and colonial homes, Evanko says.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, most bi-levels tend to have windows below the main living room window, and it is almost criminal to cover those windows.’