Main definitions of bi in English

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  • Bisexual.

    ‘are you both bi?’
    ‘I am a bi woman who has been in a relationship with a man’
    • ‘I would say if a heterosexual believes he's bi, then it's pretty common to want to hide it.’
    • ‘He might have kissed guys before but that doesn't mean he's bi.’
    • ‘If a man decides he wants to marry a man or if a woman decides she wants to marry a woman, even if they’re bi, then gay marriage is very important.’
    • ‘Asking her point blank if she's bi or lesbian is probably going to come off as confrontational, especially if you don't really know her that well or talk to her that much.’
    • ‘It's great that your friend is able to tell someone she's bi.’
    • ‘Just because they're bi and female doesn't mean girls can't think like a guy does. I know I could.’
    • ‘There are straight people that show an interest in being bi, or confused people that think they're bi before they really realize their sexuality.’
    • ‘Although I guess if someone is 14 and claims they're bi you shouldn't take it as fact. They might just be sexually confused.’
    • ‘One of my good friends just told me that he thinks he's bi.’


1960s: abbreviation.




Main definitions of bi in English

: bi1Bi2


  • The chemical element bismuth.