Definition of bhuna in English:


(also bhoona)


mass noun
  • A medium-hot dry curry originating in Bengal, prepared typically by frying meat with spices at a high temperature.

    ‘lamb bhuna’
    • ‘On the meat/seafood side of things we went in for the shrimp curry and the chicken bhuna ($10, or $12 for the lamb version of the dish), and for our vegetarian dishes we went in for the egg curry and the malai kofta.’
    • ‘As the years passed I became less sensitive to the spices and even managed a chicken korma on occasion, gradually working my way up to a rogan josh via bhuna and massala.’
    • ‘Presentation of the food was also flawed, with the lamb bhuna sauce, for example, strangely dark in colour and, utterly unappetising.’
    • ‘Regulars don't need to be told about the chicken pakora, or main courses such as aloo saag (potato and spinach) or chicken karahi bhuna.’
    • ‘A wok-cooked chicken tikka karahi bhoona comes encased in a spirited sauce with hints of garlic and chunks of capsicum, which my friend claims is slightly less fiery than his starter, and thus suits his taste.’
    • ‘The British consumer, long familiar with biryanis and bhunas and increasingly sophisticated about spicy flavours, is ready to try something new.’
    • ‘Locals and tourists alike rave about the chicken bhoona and the shrimp jal frezi, not to forget the peshwari naan stuffed with nuts and sweet raisins and the fresh mushroom rice.’
    • ‘The choice of main meals ranged from a selection of traditional dishes, such as rogan josh, bhuna and korma, priced from between £3.10 to £5.95, to a list of house specialities, which were slightly more expensive.’
    • ‘The secret here is definitely in the cooking: twice in all, to combine wonderfully-moist chicken tikka with the aromatic bhuna flavours.’
    • ‘And your eyes and nose are bound to stumble upon the ‘Tawa Chaman Da’, a grilled paneer with bhuna pyaaz masala.’
    • ‘The first flavours include chicken aloo, vegetable bhuna, chicken tandoori masala and vegetable sweet and sour.’
    • ‘The bhoona dishes that are mentioned in the article are another Bangladeshi specialty.’
    • ‘The dishes you get at most Montreal restaurants - tandooris, kormas, bhoonas - tend to reflect cooking from the northern part of the sub-continent.’
    • ‘The menu is vast, featuring traditional dishes of every kind including balti, tandoori, biryani, korma, bhuna, rogan josh - and even English dishes.’
    • ‘For a roghan josh, just add onions and tomatoes to a bhoona base, for a pasanda, ground almonds and yogurt.’
    • ‘Traditional classics such as tandoori, balti, korma, pathia, dopiaza, madras and bhuna curries were there, along with a decent choice of chef's specials, and, I was pleased to see, no puddings.’


From Bengali, Urdu bhunnā ‘to be fried’, ultimately from Sanskrit bhrajj ‘fry, parch, roast’.