Definition of bhikkhu in English:


(also bhikku)


  • A Buddhist monk or devotee.

    • ‘He understands that laypeople can practise the Dhamma, but he, as a bhikkhu, has many tasks to do which make it difficult to practise.’
    • ‘One bhikkhu recounted how one day he was following a line of practitioners of various Buddhist traditions and noticed a lady was handing items to everyone.’
    • ‘The Buddha had clearly said that his religion depended on bhikkhus, bhikkhunis, upasakas, and upasikas.’
    • ‘This occurs when the two bhikkhu brothers question the Buddha on the appropriateness of using local languages for the exposition of the dhamma.’
    • ‘At the same time, we should keep an eye open for capable bhikkhus enrolled in these programmes who display the qualities needed to propagate the Dhamma in the West.’


Pali, from Sanskrit bhikṣú ‘beg’.