Definition of bharal in English:



  • A Himalayan wild sheep with a bluish coat and backward-curving horns.

    Pseudois nayaur, family Bovidae

    Also called blue sheep
    • ‘The Himalayan blue sheep or bharal is generally found above 4,270 m in summer and is seldom seen at below 3,000 m.’
    • ‘On lake banks are visiting giant pandas, gnus, mountain donkeys, elks, and bharals other wildlife.’
    • ‘The blue tint of the bharals makes them almost invisible against the background of blue-grayish rock that is typical within their habitat.’
    • ‘A bharal's cylindrical horns curve outward, though in older animals, the horns are directed backward.’
    • ‘He explained that in western regions, strict protection has led to fast multiplication of bharals, great pressure on the grasslands and also threatens the survival of other endangered species.’


Mid 19th century: from Hindi.