Definition of Bhagwan in English:



  • 1God.

    • ‘Bahai's believe that there is one God even though He may be called by different names such as God, Jehovah, Allah or Bhagwan.’
    • ‘One should take this mantra when they have a steadfast belief in bhagwan.’
    • ‘He may well mean the exact same thing intended by a Hindu who invokes Bhagwan.’
    • ‘Bhagwan (God) first created a man and a woman in his upper world. They were formed from the dirt which had settled on his body during a twelve year fast.’
    • ‘This Guru guides devotees on the spiritual path, leading them to Bhagwan.’
    1. 1.1 A guru or revered person (often used as a proper name or form of address).
      • ‘Bhagwan was especially interested in the care of children and he formed a charitable trust at nearby Tansa Valley.’
      • ‘It is said that if one receives the blessings of Guru Bhagwan, that would be the turning point in his otherwise lack lustre existence.’
      • ‘I had been at the ashram about an hour when Bhagwan, young, thin, and bearded, entered the room, taking his place on a chair that was designated for him alone.’
      • ‘In 2001, when the panchayat elections were announced, Bhagwan Devi was encouraged to contest as a ward member.’
      • ‘The Guru continued to spread the message of Sikhism. He sent Bhagwan Gir to eastern India to preach Sikhism.’


From Hindi bhagwān, from Sanskrit bhagavān, from the root bhaj ‘to honour, adore’.