Definition of beyond one's wildest dreams in English:

beyond one's wildest dreams


  • Bigger or better than could be reasonably expected.

    ‘stockbrokers command salaries beyond the wildest dreams of most workers’
    • ‘Imagine going out to dinner with a charming man who promises you riches and glory beyond your wildest dreams.’
    • ‘He said, look, you have become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, through certain things that perhaps weren't very legitimate, let alone fair.’
    • ‘We live in a highly technologically engineered world - a world where science and technology are revealing phenomena and wonders beyond our wildest dreams.’
    • ‘But this is just phenomenal, beyond our wildest dreams.’
    • ‘You start bringing those kinds of numbers to the table and the possibilities quickly start multiplying beyond your wildest dreams.’
    • ‘And then, the reaction was just beyond my wildest dreams, it was fantastic.’
    • ‘What if one day the chance you had been waiting for was suddenly in front of you, only to be followed by a string of good luck beyond your wildest dreams?’
    • ‘There is a promise in AA that things will happen beyond your wildest dreams and they do.’
    • ‘It's a reminder that you may succeed beyond your wildest dreams and you need to be ready for it to happen.’
    • ‘But it's hard to pretend that the rather uninspiring fondant goo you've got smeared all over your teeth is confectionery delight beyond your wildest dreams.’
    tremendous, stupendous, prodigious, phenomenal
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