Definition of beyond (or without) dispute in English:

beyond (or without) dispute


  • Certain or certainly.

    ‘the main part of his argument was beyond dispute’
    • ‘He was the better man and he beat me convincingly and without dispute.’
    • ‘What is definitely beyond dispute is that the captured forces certainly did not enter any US territory.’
    • ‘And I think it's going to be clear and beyond dispute that he misled her into thinking that he was married.’
    • ‘They seem to be under the impression that it is both obvious and beyond dispute and, therefore, no argument even needs to be made.’
    • ‘You will have to be the judge… however, it is without dispute that Herring certainly had a big impact on the direction of aviation.’
    • ‘‘There are certain facts of life so long obvious they would seem beyond dispute,’ it runs.’
    • ‘All of that is almost certainly beyond dispute.’
    • ‘Scholars and judges can debate how loosely constitutional language should be interpreted, but one need not be a strict constructionist to find this language clear beyond dispute.’
    • ‘Researchers have never proven beyond dispute that there were ever societies in which women had power and influence greater than or even equal to that of men.’
    • ‘That they deserve formal international acceptance is surely beyond dispute.’