Definition of beyond (or within) one's means in English:

beyond (or within) one's means


  • Beyond (or within) one's budget or income.

    ‘the government is living beyond its means’
    ‘a flat that was within her means’
    • ‘We're living within our means, rather than borrowing against the future.’
    • ‘‘I live within my means,’ she says with a quiet laugh.’
    • ‘Live within your means, they say, we can't bail you out forever.’
    • ‘Another important factor in playing the lottery is to play within your means.’
    • ‘Without any insurance, the emergency room fee was far beyond her means.’
    • ‘And don't forget, you must live within your means and stay away from credit-card debt.’
    • ‘They live rather well within their means, evidently.’
    • ‘It's not always about living beyond your means.’
    • ‘First of all they are going to help you set up a budget so you live within your means.’
    • ‘Why can't people learn to live within their means?’