Definition of beyond (or past) redemption in English:

beyond (or past) redemption


  • Too bad to be improved or saved.

    ‘the game was beyond redemption in the 69th minute’
    • ‘He finds himself beyond rescue, beyond redemption, and beyond anything that life can do to him.’
    • ‘Unlike some of his neighbours, however, he does not believe the party is beyond redemption.’
    • ‘‘They are beyond redemption - politically, they're damned,’ he says.’
    • ‘Well, the country is in serious economic trouble, but it is not yet beyond redemption.’
    • ‘This time he believes the situation is not beyond redemption.’
    • ‘The U.S. corporate press is now corrupt beyond redemption.’
    • ‘I am much saddened that it has been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that it is now surely beyond redemption.’
    • ‘They may have made a mistake, but no one is (well, at least very few are) totally beyond redemption, as my story clearly illustrates.’
    • ‘He called Sunday's election a ‘farce,’ ‘rigged,’ and ‘flawed beyond redemption.’’
    • ‘But if anything, Frankie is portrayed as beyond hope, beyond redemption.’
    inveterate, habitual, confirmed, hardened
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