Definition of bewitch in English:



  • 1Cast a spell over (someone)

    ‘a handsome prince who had been bewitched by a sorceress’
    • ‘Trying to remain calm Leo asked, ‘And who is this lady sorceress that you say has bewitched men everywhere, and why should you warn me?’’
    • ‘The witch doctor poisons a chicken, and, from the way the chicken staggers before dropping dead, the witch doctor determines that the rash has been caused by the client's sister-in-law bewitching him.’
    • ‘In the end, the exasperated adults were compelled to employ the services of a piper, who bewitched the children with music and led them into a hollow mountain.’
    • ‘The mother had told him a long story about the children being bewitched and the house haunted, blaming a neighbour for laying a curse upon her children.’
    • ‘The Indians could bewitch my children, and my wife didn't want to go.’
    • ‘I was bewitched when I cast my eyes on him at my father's place.’
    • ‘He accused the goodwife of bewitching his daughter.’
    • ‘She must have bewitched you with her ways of magic.’
    • ‘The DC ordered the immediate arrest of the woman who vehemently denied keeping ghosts or bewitching the girl.’
    • ‘The girl had to deal not only with the lies of her boyfriend and the ridicule from society, she also had to cope with accusations by her boyfriend's sisters that she had bewitched him.’
    • ‘His descendants included Helen, who pretended she was bewitched.’
    • ‘Afterwards, Jim tells stories to all the other slaves about how witches bewitched him that night.’
    • ‘She also reported that the malefic cleric had confessed bewitching other people and recruiting a teenager into the ranks of the witches.’
    • ‘There are recorded instances of them being beaten or even lynched: in 1667 three men were hanged for the murder of a woman suspected of bewitching a man.’
    • ‘It follows the adventures of Gerda and her search for her faithful companion Kay after he is bewitched and imprisoned by the Snow Queen in her ice palace.’
    • ‘He almost laughed aloud when she mentioned his bewitching her into sleep.’
    • ‘The Duke oversees the case between Brabantio and Othello, whom he believes to have bewitched his daughter with magic.’
    • ‘According to historians, Boyan was not a magician in the sense that he was able to cast spells, bewitch people and transform into animals, but he was a learned man and a poet.’
    cast a spell on, put a spell on, enchant
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    1. 1.1 Enchant and delight (someone)
      ‘they both were bewitched by the golden luminosity of Italy’
      ‘she was certainly a bewitching woman’
      • ‘He felt bewitched, entranced by this woman full of life, brave and strong.’
      • ‘She was bewitching, enchanting, graced with an unearthly elegance.’
      • ‘He had laughed, he had charmed me, almost bewitched me.’
      • ‘Susan told her story clearly and precisely, using her bewitching charm to the full.’
      • ‘The woman at the centre of it all, is certainly bewitching in the flesh.’
      • ‘It had bewitched her, entranced her, and now she found that she could not tear her gaze away from him.’
      • ‘This is a body of new work produced over the last twelve months which intrigue and bewitch the viewer.’
      • ‘‘Uh, uh, yeah,’ he stammered, a bit mesmerized by her bewitching presence.’
      • ‘His works enchant, bewitch, stimulate and evoke; in the face of them, some people laugh with joy, still others weep as they've never allowed themselves to.’
      • ‘I was bewitched the moment I laid eyes on her, and have loved her ever since.’
      • ‘Why do witches and old women fascinate and bewitch children?’
      • ‘Alienated from our natural surroundings, one can see why modern readers are bewitched by the idea of a ‘golden age’ where trees, streams, the very rocks speak a language which we have forgotten.’
      • ‘According to James, ‘These photographs express the charm and bewitching nature of contemporary Chinese women’.’
      • ‘The spectacle of such a race had bewitched the crowd; the tannoy announced that a replay would be shown on the large screens.’
      • ‘And yet we were as bewitched and delighted as any first-timer.’
      • ‘If you are unfamiliar with the silverberry, you may walk right by it, wondering at the mysterious source of the delightful scent which bewitches your nostrils.’
      • ‘The music came to us from an unknown, incomprehensible world, and it bewitched us.’
      • ‘I was bewitched by that sound, the colours produced by all the instruments.’
      • ‘Many of his chambermaids and servants have been bewitched by his charm.’
      • ‘All this taken into consideration, it should then, come as no surprise that the musical has bewitched audiences for so long - as it surely will for many years to come.’
      captivate, enchant, entrance, enrapture, charm, beguile, delight, fascinate, enthral, seduce, ravish, spellbind, hold spellbound, mesmerize, hypnotize, transfix
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Middle English: from be- ‘thoroughly’ + witch.