Definition of bewilderment in English:



mass noun
  • A feeling of being perplexed and confused.

    ‘there was bewilderment at the shift of government policy’
    ‘the three of them looked at him in bewilderment’
    • ‘I've often expressed my bewilderment at the fact that major orchestras haven't rushed to record his music.’
    • ‘Jim stands in complete bewilderment at what has been uttered.’
    • ‘I'm not alone in my complete sense of bewilderment over the success of this movie.’
    • ‘Both men seemed to be offering an assuring revelation rather than unsettling bewilderment.’
    • ‘Many dairy scientists responded in bewilderment to these concerns.’
    • ‘The director can be forgiven for trying to make this dated, dynamic bewilderment into a viable dramatic tale.’
    • ‘The seriously wooden actor is a dull love-interest, playing a cop with an air of puzzled bewilderment.’
    • ‘The lines of passage and the stages of human growth have been blurred, causing intense bewilderment and psychological confusion.’
    • ‘Curious audio decisions have me shaking my head in bewilderment.’
    • ‘The knights in the hall simply stared in bewilderment at the strange sight of the green man.’