Definition of bewigged in English:



  • Wearing a wig.

    • ‘Anne gasped at such a rude phrase, but before she could chase after him in a fury, a soberly clad, bewigged gentleman approached her friend.’
    • ‘The only portrait I'm really familiar with is the one in the National Gallery where he's wearing a hat, but others show him clearly bewigged.’
    • ‘The pile was in half a minute pushed over to an old bewigged woman with eyeglasses pinching her nose.’
    • ‘Fans fluttered, bewigged and powdered heads bowed and the graceful days when York was the metropolis of the North and England's sporting capital returned for five sparkling hours.’
    • ‘Walking toward the theatre, I see a limo pull up, a bodyguard jump out and escort a chubby, bewigged and bespectacled pop-culture idol from the street to the lobby.’
    • ‘Isn't there also an irony in one so avowedly anti-Establishment revelling in the pronouncement of a bewigged judge?’
    • ‘Then 4,000 bewigged and bedazzled ticket holders will enter the richly decorated ballrooms, dance floors, and courtyards of the historic building for a wild waltz of well-intentioned decadence.’
    • ‘She sat near her son in court as he stood crying in the dock before the bewigged judge, who told him that he faced a ‘substantial sentence of imprisonment’ and that he was ‘lucky’ he was not an adult.’
    • ‘‘The council can't only be made up of people from the newspaper industry and our bewigged friends,’ he said.’
    • ‘Slowly, ponderously, and to no obvious purpose, bewigged lawyers gnaw away at obscure details, while judges occasionally interrupt them with observations of unutterable banality.’
    • ‘The industrialists are dressed as bewigged aristocrats of pre-revolutionary France.’
    • ‘The town council should face facts, it is little more than a parish council and the need for a bewigged town clerk and a deputy has long gone.’
    • ‘It effectively captures the tragedy and comedy of this scene as the emigrants, blonde and bewigged, scamper across the hills.’
    • ‘Sure enough, during their Saturday performance the rear doors are flung open to let in a procession of three horses with bewigged, costumed riders.’
    • ‘Extras glance uncertainly at the camera, and at one stage a bewigged gentleman, bent double, is seen scampering out of shot.’
    • ‘Church of England bishops were formerly also bewigged, but abandoned the practice around 1840.’
    • ‘An opportunity arises to make money from drycleaning when Ed cuts the hair of a camp, bewigged would-be entrepreneur.’
    • ‘His bewigged portrait hangs importantly in the house.’
    • ‘Anne and Jane cringed by the doorway as they watched a frazzled looking, bewigged physician chase Katherine around the chamber with the offensive bowl and sharp instrument.’
    • ‘Baubled, bejeweled, bewigged, the city spends a few weeks of every early spring behind the glittering masks of Carnavale and the glamorous facade of the Venice Film Festival and the rest of the time getting ready for the party.’