Definition of bewhiskered in English:



  • Having hair or whiskers growing on the face.

    ‘a bewhiskered old man’
    • ‘Andrea thrilled us with his free-diving skills, only to be easily outdone by his bewhiskered dancing partners.’
    • ‘The series of Oriental fantasies about a vain, bewhiskered enchanter whose power resides in one hair on his head, was well received by the critics but did not sell well.’
    • ‘The bewhiskered gent is but an image on a screen behind me.’
    • ‘Kevin, take a break from excitable, bewhiskered German philosophers of the 19th century!’
    • ‘It's dredged up from the imaginary cinematheque of the director's own mind: bewhiskered faces loom in and out of focus and the film stock switches from grey to tinges of blue and pink, with hi-tech flashes of colour painted in.’
    • ‘‘Well, you just tell me where and when you want me and I'll be there,’ the bewhiskered handyman said.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the ranks of bewhiskered military men, fashionable in Victoria's imperial times, were rarely replaced by new heroes in the impoverished 20th century.’
    • ‘For those of you who visited the Livestock Centre, you will remember the bewhiskered gentleman who manned the sweetshop and tended the gardens.’
    • ‘No, he's probably watching, ‘the bewhiskered fellow complained.’’
    • ‘We were not the only large mammals in this forest, and would sometimes catch a glimpse of a doe-eyed, bewhiskered face peering at us through the kelp.’
    • ‘‘My sacking from the programme reveals exactly what the company thinks of the countryside and country people,’ writes the bewhiskered farmer from the Fens.’
    • ‘Her efforts are wasted on this film while the principal actor is similarly squandered as the bewhiskered wizard who follows them through time and tries to restore them to their rightful place in the world.’
    • ‘And a bewhiskered man in green wellingtons wandered back and forth trying to identify the winner of a bottle of whisky in a raffle to boost the Countryside fund.’
    • ‘Jaime blinked as a bewhiskered old man crossed in front of her toward a mummy leaning against the far wall; the man had a large pair of scissors in one hand.’
    • ‘He's this wonderful, bewhiskered, white haired servant, hovering with a tray in the background.’
    • ‘‘Well, I can't stop you,’ said the bewhiskered Brother.’
    hairy, shaggy, bushy, hair-covered, long-haired, woolly, furry, fleecy, fuzzy
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