Definition of bevvy in English:



  • An alcoholic drink.

    ‘we popped into the Prince of Wales for a few bevvies’
    • ‘The following selection of essential libations can be lined up in a row to make the ideal Christmas bevvy buffet, and if you drink with respect, pacing and elegance, you can make your way through all of them.’
    • ‘I'm sure they have a great time planning their robberies over a few bevvies and then spending the proceeds in sunny countries.’
    • ‘Apparently, you can bring alcoholic bevvies into movie theatres.’
    • ‘You and I might think that he was unwise to try to compensate for consuming too much bevvy by not eating.’
    • ‘A $15 donation gets you entry plus two complimentary bevvies.’
    • ‘He still likes to make occasional forays to London to see his pals and have a few bevvies.’
    • ‘There are snippets here that will surprise even the most die-hard purveyor of the odd bevvy.’
    • ‘His idea of an ideal Saturday night is going out for a bevvy with his mates.’
    • ‘The only aggro this observer has witnessed in the past couple of seasons has been completely spontaneous, usually involving too much bevvy in the pub after a game.’
    • ‘Walking past a taverna after a few bevvies one night, his eyes lit on a display cabinet with what appeared to be succulent roasted half-chickens going round on the spit.’
    • ‘He can handle his liquor, so he's not the type to show his emotional hand after a few bevvies, but he does let the mask slip momentarily when I ask about his father.’
    • ‘The eponymous bevvy is available in several vintages.’
    • ‘Be careful out on the roads after a bevvy stop with John, as the strength of beer varies as much as the selection does.’
    • ‘So, how do you get more of your patrons to drink your beer when the preference for cocktails and more flavorful bevvies is ramping up?’
    • ‘So then you could have a quick bevvy and stroll leisurely onto your train as you heard it approaching.’
    • ‘I was a bit worried that the pub would be full of trainspotters but at 7pm it was full of the usual commuter types having a last bevvy before going home.’
    • ‘I went for a bevvy, thinking I might feel better, or feel less depressed.’
    • ‘So before you knew it Kate was a part of my life, a lunch here a shopping trip there, the odd after work bevvy, etc etc.’
    • ‘Consuming an inordinate amount of bevvy has always been one of the qualities that makes hacks so irresistible to you fascinated readers.’
    • ‘You can drink alcoholic bevvies in public, but they have to be in a plastic cup, so you can't hurt anyone with them…’
    drink, swallow, gulp, gulp down, guzzle, slurp, attack, down, drink down, drink up, force down, get down, finish off, polish off, drain, empty, imbibe, have, take, partake of, ingest, consume, sup, sip, lap
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Late 19th century: abbreviation of beverage.