Definition of beurre manié in English:

beurre manié


mass noun
  • A mixture of flour and butter used for thickening sauces or soups.

    • ‘The sauce must come to a simmer before the beurre manié will start to thicken the liquid.’
    • ‘When all of the beurre manié is incorporated, bring the sauce to a near boil and simmer for three minutes.’
    • ‘Continue to add a teaspoon at a time of the beurre manié, consistently whisking, until the gravy is the desired consistency.’
    • ‘Browned flour and beurre manié are explained on the other side of this sheet.’
    • ‘To make beurre manié mash together 2 tablespoons of room temperature unsalted butter with 2 tablespoons of flour until a paste.’
    • ‘If necessary, thicken the sauce with small amounts of beurre manié until it reaches desired consistency.’
    • ‘To make the beurre manié, cream the butter with a fork.’
    • ‘Do not let the sauce boil or the beurre manié will separate out.’
    • ‘It's best to mix it with fat first, either by making a roux or beurre manié, or by flouring and frying stew meat before adding a liquid to the pot.’
    • ‘Lift the hare joints out of the casserole with a slotted spoon and add teaspoons of the beurre manié to the hot liquid in the casserole, bring to the boil and stir until thickened.’
    • ‘When all the beurre manié has been incorporated, return the chicken together with the shallots and mushrooms.’
    • ‘The advantage of beurre manié compared with roux is that the sauce can be brought to the boil again.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, make a beurre manié by using a fork to incorporate the flour into the butter in a small bowl.’
    • ‘Off heat, whisk in the beurre manié, then simmer for 2 minutes as the sauce thickens lightly.’
    • ‘Bring the sauce to the boil and whisk in the beurre manié little by little until the sauce reaches the consistency of double cream.’


French, literally ‘worked butter’.


beurre manié

/bəː ˈmanjeɪ//bœʀ manje/