Definition of between jobs in English:

between jobs


  • A euphemistic way of referring to a person being temporarily unemployed.

    ‘public money should be used to lend a hand to people who find themselves between jobs’
    • ‘Few will enjoy taking their chances on huge matching schemes, risking years of commuting between jobs they didn't really want.’
    • ‘Welfare benefits, under the present model, are designed to bridge periods between jobs.’
    • ‘For some, rebound ventures proved useful bridges between jobs.’
    • ‘Transitional tax credits, permitting workers to carry health insurance between jobs.’
    • ‘Perhaps you are a student just out of college or a chemist in academia or industry between jobs.’
    • ‘Approximately 37 % of the stay-at-home fathers were in transition between jobs or careers.’
    • ‘There's a pause, then the guy says, "I think she was between jobs."’
    • ‘You spent a fair amount of time at the end of your presentation talking about changes between jobs, et cetera.’
    • ‘We'll also have associate members - former coaches or individuals who are between jobs.’
    • ‘Blanket cylinder positioning also allows faster clean up, shortening the down time between jobs.’