Definition of betting in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The action of gambling money on the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable event.

    ‘football pools and other forms of betting’
    • ‘Many hedge funds - which are in effect sophisticated ways of betting on the markets - have had a tough 2004.’
    • ‘The NBA wouldn't even allow Toronto to have a franchise unless legal betting on NBA games was abolished in the whole province of Ontario.’
    • ‘There is some interesting betting on Saturday's semi-finals.’
    • ‘There was some spirited betting on the outcome to the sixth race with steady support for at least four of the runners.’
    • ‘The Illinois Racing Board has temporarily has suspended all live and simulcasting betting on some multirace wagers, including pick four and pick six bets.’
    • ‘The two main allegations concern race-fixing and free betting on the sport.’
    • ‘Policy gambling (an illegal form of betting on daily numbers) similarly involved local syndicates.’
    • ‘In these games the showdown is preceded by one or more periods of betting on who has the best combination of cards.’
    • ‘From the 1930s the states in turn legalised state lotteries and off-course betting on horse races, and introduced casinos for continuous gambling.’
    • ‘There was heavy betting on Cambridge, but the two crews collided, the race had to be restarted and Oxford won comfortably.’
    • ‘It was construed by others as a challenge to the institution of land markets understood as a lottery, a mode of betting on the results of future population growth.’
    • ‘The betting on the booze front is that zoning will eventually be put into place in Pattaya entertainment venues.’
    • ‘A U.S. Senate committee has approved legislation to halt all legal betting on college sports.’
    • ‘There also is a mode where players breed, own, and train race horses, and there is a wagering mode where players will participate in all forms of betting on horses.’
    • ‘There was also substantial betting on the result of the photo finish.’
    • ‘The firm is betting on what it calls the industry trend away from track-based betting toward home-based wagering.’
    • ‘There is heavier betting on one-day matches because they are result oriented.’
    • ‘The betting on the number is interesting to say the least.’
    • ‘How different is the betting on that game as opposed to the South Australian game?’
    • ‘The impact from the government's lottery is illegal individual betting on the last two or three digits of the first prize of the lottery.’
    1. 1.1The odds offered by bookmakers on the outcome of races, games, etc.
      ‘Atlantic Way headed the betting at 2-1’
      • ‘In fact, the $4 for a two-goal winning margin was the largest single payout of the morning when betting options were offered for six matches.’
      • ‘In the opening heat of round two, betting was very open with the layers offering 2/1 and better the field.’
      • ‘Days before the election, Ladbrokes was offering betting odds on Labour of 25-1 on.’