Definition of better off in English:

better off


  • In a more desirable or advantageous position, especially in financial terms.

    ‘the proposals would make her about £400 a year better off’
    • ‘Somebody once said if you learn to love yourself the way you are, you are better off by far.’
    • ‘Eventually, however, I met a man who said I'd be better off with live bait and a float.’
    • ‘In fact, the mother is often waiting nearby and in many cases the animals would be better off left alone.’
    • ‘Don't you even think that the people of Iraq are better off having got rid of a dictator?’
    • ‘It is a perplexing attitude - that one might actually be better off with disability.’
    • ‘I end up no better off, but it might offer a few advantages in the longer term.’
    • ‘No, religion has no role in 21st century life and we would be better off without it.’
    • ‘Vouchers empower the poor by handing them the same power of the purse string now enjoyed by the better off.’
    • ‘This goes to show that the average family is no better off now than when Labour came to power.’
    • ‘Perhaps you believe that the world would be better off if China was master of the world?’
    • ‘So you'll be financially better off with a car if you don't actually need the bigger vehicle.’
    • ‘Perhaps his only failing was not to suggest earlier to me that I would be better off elsewhere.’
    • ‘Unless we can know everything, he seemed to argue, we're better off knowing nothing.’
    • ‘So, if you were renting a small flat over the long term, usually you'd be miles better off by buying it.’
    • ‘There can be no dispute that the world would be better off without terrorism.’
    • ‘So the more you can subtract negatives and add positives the better off you are.’
    • ‘I am quite content and just wish that people who are better off than me would realise how lucky they are.’
    • ‘I think people can make their own minds up as to whether we are better off under a Labour Government or not.’
    • ‘Over the past five years, however, investors would have been better off in a normal Toisa.’
    • ‘Rachel added that getting a job wasn't always about being financially better off.’