Definition of better half in English:

better half


  • A person's wife, husband, or partner.

    ‘my better half doesn't care much for restaurants’
    • ‘It was a place where many of my generation met their better halves, ‘Alan said.’’
    • ‘I've spent a hundred evenings dreaming about leaving work and coming home to my loving wife. The brightest part of my soul never made it to Iraq, it is back in California with my better half.’
    • ‘The better halves of Army personnel are trying to root out illiteracy and hone skills among the deprived.’
    • ‘Incidentally, his better half is an Indian by birth (moved to Canada from Punjab and is a college professor) and shares her husband's passion.’
    • ‘Hence, I request the Chief Minister to issue blank cheques to all of us so that we make ample purchases and do not incur the wrath of our better halves,’ he remarked amid laughter.’
    • ‘No they don't go there to pick up stuff for their better halves.’
    • ‘But men, I am sorry to say, cut poor silhouettes of their better halves shadowing them in their sprees with a drooping face and an even droopier wallet!’
    • ‘The sportive spouses of the women election staff, who decided to work in perfect sync with their better halves without raising a word of complaint, formed the brightest part of the otherwise ‘gloomy’ scenario.’
    • ‘Just noticed my dearest better half wrestling with the computer and thought it would be an ideal opportunity to change this site into a Manchester City fanzone as I know Gert would be delighted on her return.’
    • ‘The bridegroom should be told that the girl's people having chosen him as the fittest match from among a whole lot, he should regard his wife as his better half, accord to her unflinching love and share with her all that he has.’
    • ‘But perhaps the weirdest one is the one who has caused the most tension in this house, and I practically have to leave the room when he comes on telly lest another fight break out between myself and my better half.’
    • ‘And targeting women for their wines, Sankalp Winery from a tiny hamlet at Vinchur in Maharashtra decided to woo the better halves this time - women journalists.’
    • ‘Complications arise when their manhood is questioned by their better halves for two very different reasons.’
    • ‘Maybe a long walk around the valley, a newspaper and a coffee, an evening among friends, or some quiet time with your better half would complete the listening experience and bring it to a different level.’
    • ‘As an alternative, develop telephonophobia, particularly among better halves.’
    • ‘Men accompanying their better halves have something to cheer.’
    • ‘But if the truth be told, I simply called out to the better half: ‘Get in here love, and have a look at this face on telly’’
    • ‘I have the most beautiful wife. She is certainly the better half.’
    • ‘The streets were a seething mess of confused commuters chattering into mobile phones about road blocks and closed stations and explaining to better halves that they had no idea when they'd make it home.’
    • ‘Because like most blokes we can't abide the silent treatment, or the sub-Arctic temperature being emitted from our alleged better halves.’
    girlfriend, girl, sweetheart, partner, significant other, inamorata, fiancée
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better half