Definition of betrayal in English:



mass noun
  • The action of betraying one's country, a group, or a person; treachery.

    ‘the betrayal by the king by his daughter’
    count noun ‘these developments represented a betrayal of democracy’
    • ‘The cocaine trade being so lucrative, it encouraged disloyalty and betrayal.’
    • ‘As a father himself he finds such disloyalty and betrayal completely unacceptable.’
    • ‘Betrayal, when stemming from childhood, results in an expectation that betrayals will occur again and again, so a person is constantly anticipating them.’
    • ‘When her mother, who is clearly only concerned with her own prosperity, deserts her, it is only the first of a series of betrayals and letdowns.’
    • ‘A system that has brought unimagined prosperity cannot survive if such betrayals become commonplace.’
    disloyalty, treachery, perfidy, perfidiousness, bad faith, faithlessness, falseness
    revelation, disclosure, divulging, giving away, leaking, leak, telling
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