Definition of betatron in English:



  • An apparatus for accelerating electrons in a circular path by magnetic induction.

    • ‘Now, men working around the betatrons are getting sick with cancer and many are dying.’
    • ‘The report describes characteristics and parameters of small-size pulse betatrons developed by Research Institute of Introscopy at Tomsk Polytechnic University.’
    • ‘A design of a betatron cooling system for the Recycler is presented.’
    • ‘The space-charge analysis code TRANSOPTR, paired with the tracking and simulation code ACCSIM, have been applied to study the half-integer betatron resonances in a high-intensity proton ring.’
    • ‘The betatron consists of a doughnut-shaped evacuated chamber placed between the poles of an electromagnet.’
    • ‘The quadratic density dependence of the spontaneously emitted betatron x-ray radiation and the divergence angle of approximately x10 radian of the forward-emitted x-rays as a consequence of betatron motion in the ion channel are in good agreement with theory.’
    • ‘Accelerator operators set up and coordinate the operation of particle accelerators such as betatrons.’
    • ‘This enables to use betatrons for control of large-size luggage on presence of fissile materials.’
    • ‘Chicago's west side VA was still running an Allis Chalmers betatron for radiation therapy 20 years after the unit was obsolete.’
    • ‘However, the betatrons proved their worth for practical uses below about 50MeV for a long time.’
    • ‘With low-loss, high-frequency materials, one may consider f ~ 1-100 kHz and energies in the gigaelectronvolt regime, or betatrons with substantially higher current.’
    • ‘This causes the betatrons to glow like an annular neon tube.’
    • ‘Unlike other particle accelerators, the name of the betatron does not tell us anything about how it works, but it is best thought of as a transformer, with a ring of electrons as the secondary coil.’
    • ‘Obtaining Canada's first betatron in 1948 was the result of a unique set of circumstances.’
    • ‘In August 1948, the American Military Government in Germany denied a request by scientists in Göttingen to have Siemens & Halske (now Siemens) build a 30MeV betatron.’


1940s: from beta + -tron.