Definition of besuited in English:



  • (of a man) wearing a suit.

    ‘a quiet, besuited bank manager’
    • ‘The restaurant was virtually empty, just us and one other distant table where four besuited gentleman were enjoy a manly dinner with lots of drinking and smoking prevailing.’
    • ‘Clearly the over-zealous child protection lobby that we have here and in America has not yet reached southern Sweden, as the children actually were sitting on the besuited fella's leg.’
    • ‘My mobile phone says 19.38 and I am still alone in the aptly christened Nostalgie Ball Room, barring a handful of meticulously besuited men at the door.’
    • ‘Still, the service overran and we were forced to almost run out of the door, with not even time for the after-service coffee, or to properly say thank you to the besuited gentleman on the door.’
    • ‘Picture him standing before a conference hall full of besuited greenies, delivering some powerful and inspiring rhetoric about making Scotland sustainable.’
    • ‘Amid the besuited men and behatted women of the race track, the Coolmore set stands apart.’
    • ‘But snogging a balding besuited man on a bench will never be my style…’
    • ‘So, burdened with my rucksack and daypack, unshaven in T-shirt and travel combats, I wander among the besuited guests, conference attendees and dignitaries like a sore thumb.’
    • ‘The book goes a long way to justify our irrational feelings of irritation towards the earnest besuited men who call to our door, always at a bad moment.’
    • ‘The City, by contrast, is bustling with besuited business people during the week yet is almost a ghost town at weekends, when most shops and many bars and restaurants close due to lack of trade.’
    • ‘A rich white man in a suit wins the US Presidential election against another rich besuited white man.’
    • ‘This was how a recent trip to Indigo Yard began, with four besuited bankers apparently intent on letting the whole world know they had just ventured into the choppy waters of the mid-life crisis.’
    • ‘It's rather lovely to imagine all those besuited men sitting around a table screaming and sobbing at each other; with him wailing, ‘Why did they vote NO?’’
    • ‘Such a huge beast ambling along, with baskets of fruit for sale hung over its broad back, rushed around by besuited bankers and framed by skyscrapers, is what makes Bangkok so intriguing.’
    • ‘A besuited man wept openly, scrubbing his eyes with crumpled tissue.’
    • ‘Landing at the Pakistan capital's airport the level of security was huge with mustachioed soldiers everywhere and several besuited men jabbering into walkie-talkies.’
    • ‘Your characters lean and crouch over a grateful rescued civilian, in typical cool and besuited fashion.’
    • ‘The youngsters had set up their own companies as school projects - one making and selling Santa hats and the other making Christmas cards - and they got up on stage in front of the besuited legions to talk about their experiences.’
    • ‘Surrounding him, a cohort of 18 other besuited men and one woman.’
    • ‘The station, made famous in the eponymous Oscar-nominated film, was filled with grizzled old men in rakish Panama hats, young Turks in Bermuda shorts and T-shirts, and besuited and bemused commuters.’
    well dressed, well turned out, fashionably dressed, fashionable, stylish, chic, modish, elegant, neat, spruce, trim, dapper, debonair
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