Definition of bestride something like a colossus in English:

bestride something like a colossus


  • Totally dominate a place or area of activity.

    ‘he bestrode French cinema like a colossus’
    ‘the Hapsburg empire had bestrode Europe like a colossus’
    • ‘Disappointed at Eden Gardens, a venue that he normally bestrides like a colossus, and then got into trouble with the match officials too.’
    • ‘But for four weeks last summer Ronaldo bestrode the World Cup like a colossus.’
    • ‘The party that once bestrode British politics like a colossus has arrived on the Lancashire coast in timid, uncertain mood.’
    • ‘Not that he was a formidable figure bestriding the political scene like a colossus.’
    • ‘But in the end it will never be like it was before, where England effortlessly bestrode the cricket world like a colossus because of its historical priorities and prerogatives.’
    • ‘After September 11, he bestrode the city like a colossus, miraculously raising the spirits of its citizens.’
    • ‘The man who bestrides the sumo world like a colossus has been implicated in match-fixing claims that are rocking Japan's national sport.’
    • ‘The Father of the Nation, who once bestrode the world like a colossus, had left us orphaned.’
    • ‘What most people don't know is that after World War I, and particularly in Austria where the Hapsburg empire had bestrode Europe like a colossus, things were very, very tough.’
    • ‘The equaliser arrived like a dove from above, a divine free kick from Graham Kavanagh, whose all-round game bestrode this contest like a colossus.’