Definition of bestialize in English:


(also bestialise)


  • See bestial

    • ‘The other is the tendency to bestialize the human person.’
    • ‘As part of this process, ideas about animals were used by elites to bestialize the people and their representatives and to lament the loss of an old political world of deference.’
    • ‘Such forms of education, or of family relations, will tend to bestialize the students, and produce corresponding rations of bestialized adults.’
    • ‘The two figures are personifications of the self-conscious and subconscious minds, and their horns and hoofs indicate that delusion bestializes human consciousness.’
    • ‘Were it not for the ideals which these banners have kept ever before the citizen soldier and sailor of this state he would be bestialized by slaughter.’
    • ‘We're denigrating and bestializing the people we came allegedly to save.’
    • ‘He himself maintained that he had ‘never seen a native in the least bestialised by opium smoking.’’
    • ‘They have become bestialized, who do not see that all beauty, all human beauty, lies in this quality of mind.’
    • ‘At a meeting of Britain's leading scientists, critics attack Darwin's theory for bestializing humankind.’
    • ‘In this prophecy Euripides literalizes the fact that Hecuba has been bestialized by war and suffering; she responds to it like an animal gone mad.’
    • ‘The focus of our efforts was to reverse the intentional demise of our once optimistic, producer-oriented culture into a bunch of bestialized, pessimistic, self-hating necrophiliacs.’
    • ‘They bestialised their enemies for years.’
    • ‘It protected the free world from the cannibalistic system that murdered and bestialized millions of my people.’
    • ‘Other stories suggest how ordinary Koreans have been bestialized not merely by economics, but by a violent authoritarian regime that has wrested away their humanity.’
    • ‘Or he will go underground and we'll have another ‘enemy of democracy’ to bestialise in the approach to the American elections.’
    • ‘It seems that 37 years as occupiers have bestialised our society and left it bereft even of common decency.’
    • ‘Remember: never shall any good come to you from bestializing my soul and rendering my heart immune to feeling, the only possible results of the frightful state you have had me put in.’
    • ‘The insensate fury which such hatred releases comes back to purge and bestialize the hater it degrades, demoralizes, and dehumanizes him as no external enemy can possibly do.’
    • ‘The ancient evil reputation of the Iron Age for slaughter and destruction, for bestializing the human character - as per Hesiod - was fully deserved.’