Definition of best known in English:

best known


  • Most famous.

    ‘Lennon was best known for his music’
    • ‘The fourth face of Algeria is that which is best known by the outside world.’
    • ‘The lists also include one figure best known for the inspiration they gave through suffering.’
    • ‘One of Cheshire's best known dynasties has been hit by a second shock death in five years.’
    • ‘The best known is the great wheel-head cross, now preserved in the modern Parish Church.’
    • ‘The best known and most successful of his glider trials was also his last.’
    • ‘One of Bradford's best known landmarks disappeared in a puff of smoke yesterday.’
    • ‘He is best known for his Nescafe television adverts, in which he would shake coffee beans in his hand.’
    • ‘The quest to find one of Croydon's best known independent stores a new home gathered pace this week.’
    • ‘The Lake District is the best known, closely followed by the Peak District and Snowdonia.’
    • ‘Among her best known plays is Stones in His Pockets, which opened on Broadway in April.’
    • ‘So why put him in the department of culture, best known as a ministry for non-advancement?’
    • ‘Heading south, the Uists are best known for salmon, trout and sea trout flyfishing in the lochs.’
    • ‘The artistic composition is a world away from the work he is best known for.’
    • ‘He has appeared in films and on TV but is best known in York for writing and starring in the pantomimes.’
    • ‘Well, I suppose it was their biggest ever hit, so it's got to be the best known.’
    • ‘We were actually riding The Grand National, one of the best known roller coasters in the country.’
    • ‘Official birdwatchers have issued an alert over some of the country's best known species.’
    • ‘The book gives a peep behind the curtains into the life of one of the best known and respected operatic tenors.’
    • ‘One of the best known stage musicals of recent years is coming back to Lancaster next week.’
    • ‘Coca-cola may be the world's biggest and best known brand, an icon from Troon to Timbuktu.’