Definition of best friend in English:

best friend


  • A person's closest friend.

    ‘Michael was Frank's best friend’
    ‘he's best friends with Eddie’
    ‘within a month we were best friends’
    • ‘He made some good friends while at school but his best friend throughout his life was his brother.’
    • ‘My best friend was sitting across the way, talking to us.’
    • ‘I visited my best friend's new apartment and forced her to clean her room.’
    • ‘His best friend becomes bitter that he can no longer ridicule him.’
    • ‘Appreciate what you already have - an awesome best friend with a cute brother.’
    • ‘He was best friends with the football players and cheerleaders and was an insider of the most popular social clique in his high school.’
    • ‘One day my wife's best friend, who lived across the street, brought a new pooch to the door.’
    • ‘One of my all time best friends and another friend have just had a kid - I've just been sent amazing pictures too.’
    • ‘Last year during the tornado, a third-grader shared that his parents' best friends were trapped in their house.’
    • ‘Write a thank you note to your best friend for always being there for you.’
    • ‘My Mum is amazing, and one of my greatest joys as an adult was realising that she is my best friend and I can tell her anything.’
    • ‘That's what happens when you try to talk to your best friend about his girlfriend.’
    • ‘She also has a loveable golden retriever, Brandon, and a loyal best friend, Cherie.’
    • ‘It's quite a special moment seeing one of your best friends become a father.’
    • ‘Trust no one, not even your best friend, because you never know who might betray you.’
    • ‘I've been best friends with this girl practically forever.’
    • ‘She will still find time to arrange a surprise for her best friend's birthday.’
    • ‘I had lied to my friend, probably my best friend, and made her feel like a fool when I was the one playing stupid games.’
    • ‘By then, I had become best friends with a girl at school named Emily.’
    • ‘Would you want to marry your best friend or the perfect lover?’