Definition of best buy in English:

best buy


  • An item or product which gives the best value for money out of all its competitors.

    • ‘Moneyfacts, an independent analyst, lists the Advance card as the best buy in its credit-card balance-transfer table.’
    • ‘I found my best buy back in the city centre, where, for £13, you can have your name or a message printed on a label to create your very own personalised champagne.’
    • ‘C&G, for years the most innovative and cut-price mortgage lender, now rarely appears in the best buy tables and is little more than Lloyds' mortgage department.’
    • ‘Their recommendation of which shop has the best buy must then be reviewed by the 23 member Ethics Committee to make sure that the shop doesn't sell alcohol or Lottery tickets.’
    • ‘According to research carried out by IF, consumers with two or more banking products would be better off using its banking products rather than shopping around for what is supposedly the best buy on an individual product basis.’