Definition of best-of in English:



  • A list or collection comprising the best examples of something, especially songs by a particular band or artist.

    ‘yet another Frank Sinatra best-of’
    as modifier ‘a best-of CD’
    • ‘Witness ‘The Concept’, the first song on both Bandwagonesque and this new best-of.’
    • ‘The final disc, Best of Cash on American, is just that: a 15-song best-of.’
    • ‘The albums went out of print, and we sufficed with an aptly named best-of, Ear-Bleeding Country.’
    • ‘Boston and Los Angeles Film Critics Check In With Their Best-Ofs for 2006.’
    • ‘For this best-of, they've made the tongue into the number 40, added colouring based on an idea rejected for a lolly by Lyon's Maid, and let that stand.’
    • ‘Together, they make a worthwhile introduction to New Order - except that most of this material is available not only on albums but also on two previous best-ofs.’
    • ‘Like all Best Ofs, most of these will appeal to non-fans who haven’t got any in their collection.’
    • ‘The Canadian version features a wealth of B-sides and best-ofs from their debut, which never saw release north of the border.’
    • ‘Well, I will sort of apologize to myself for putting these best-ofs up so far into the new year, but I'm kind of proud of myself for having managed to do it.’
    • ‘All the news agencies are starting to roll out their best-ofs for 2005.’
    • ‘With that knowledge, it's assumed one doesn't look at this as an album - like most best-ofs - but as an encapsulation of what this band did.’
    • ‘Since our general hope is to make some of the blog's features more easily accessible than they've been, I'm pleased that we've now got our Best-Ofs in place.’
    • ‘Think of this as a mixed CD and not a best-of, as many selections weren't singles or hits.’
    • ‘This particular album is an odd beast from a marketing standpoint, playing like something of a best-of, as the band have taken the time to reexamine their back catalog and give some of it another go.’
    • ‘And then, perhaps best of all, these 22 budget-priced best-ofs, that are about the best you can get.’
    • ‘Drop a best-of, naturally, and top it off with a cover.’
    • ‘Hits and misses in the latest batch of best-ofs, reissues and rarities It's possible that even if you're a blues fan, you haven't heard of Ted Horowitz.’