Definition of Bermudian in English:


(also Bermudan)


  • Relating to or characteristic of the island group of Bermuda.

    ‘the official Bermudian map’
    • ‘From a famed Bermudian restaurant, she recalls her cherished first impressions of the island.’
    • ‘She's the only Bermudian candidate in the running.’
    • ‘The political party that makes up our present government has long been at the forefront of championing Bermudian employment rights.’
    • ‘She is a young Bermudian artist who has had her work accepted and exhibited in the national gallery.’
    • ‘The airline is offering its Bermudian customers the chance to receive a free upgrade to first class.’


  • A native of inhabitant of the island group of Bermuda.

    ‘years of hard work and dedication have paid off for ten talented young Bermudians’
    • ‘The other guy in the department is a Bermudian.’
    • ‘You cannot own a house here if you aren't a Bermudian.’
    • ‘A group of Bermudians are in the process of setting up a new organisation to consider solutions to contemporary issues.’
    • ‘Enabling every Bermudian to get the housing that they need is going to be a long-term project.’
    • ‘The Bermudian notched up his 29th goal of the season.’