Definition of Bermuda grass in English:

Bermuda grass


mass noun
  • A creeping grass common in warmer parts of the world, used for lawns and pasture.

    Cynodon dactylon, family Gramineae

    • ‘The incongruously named Bermuda grass and Kentucky bluegrass, for example (the first is native to Africa, the second to the Middle East), became so common they're considered native grasses by many.’
    • ‘The large acreage increase came mainly from those farms growing Bermuda grass hay instead of corn or sorghum silage and experiencing relatively low hay yield.’
    • ‘Kentucky bluegrass and hybrid Bermuda grass are usually the cheapest because they're sold in the greatest quantities.’
    • ‘Choose grasses that require less water, such as Bermuda grass, buffalo grass, and the improved tall fescues, for dry climate lawns.’
    • ‘All need water in addition to rainfall, but Bermuda grass, buffalo grass and the improved tall fescues need the least.’