Definition of bergenia in English:



  • An evergreen Asian plant with large, thick leaves and typically pink, red, or purple flowers.

    Genus Bergenia, family Saxifragaceae

    • ‘Splashes of yellow and pink are supplied by clumps of daffodils and bergenia.’
    • ‘However, February is quite early for bergenias to flower, their blooming period is usually between March and May, so I remain optimistic that mine will prove their worth this year.’
    • ‘If you have little time, choose easy-care plants such as bergenia, skimmia and Viburnum davidii and avoid annuals and bedding plants that need regular watering and feeding.’
    • ‘Three plants which make an exciting selection for spring colour are aubrietia, pulsatilla and bergenia.’
    • ‘There are plump, pink buds on the bergenias, and small, white flowers coming on the pulmonarias.’


Modern Latin, named after Karl A. von Bergen (1704–60), German botanist and physician.