Definition of bergen in English:



  • A type of rucksack supported by a frame, used by the military.

    • ‘The trend towards utility has continued, and most modern armed forces now use rucksack-type packs - ‘bergens’ - and pouches made of light and robust man-made fabrics.’
    • ‘I reasoned that he would have plenty of space in his bergen backpack.’
    • ‘Soldiers are expected to increase their weight in their bergens and distances will also become greater.’
    • ‘The best solution is to carry a dark coloured plastic bag, into which you can put refuse, and which you can store in an outside pouch on your bergen.’
    • ‘A man falls over in a chest-high river, his bergen holds him under; another man goes back to pull him out.’


1920s: manufacturer's name.




Definition of Bergen in English:


proper noun

  • 1A seaport in SW Norway; population 220,418 (2007). It is a centre of the fishing and North Sea oil industries.

  • 2

    Flemish name for Mons