Definition of bereave in English:



be bereaved
  • Be deprived of a close relation or friend through their death.

    ‘she had recently been bereaved’
    ‘bereaved families’
    ‘those who counsel the bereaved’
    • ‘Soon after this ordeal, Richard was bereaved by the death of his prematurely worn-out father.’
    • ‘In this heartland of rice paddies and small towns, family means a lot and sympathy for the recently bereaved even more.’
    • ‘The event, held each December, blesses the tree at the funeral home and invites bereaved families to tie a card on to it.’
    • ‘The entire village is in sombre mood, with thoughts turning to the families left bereaved.’
    • ‘He is the one who has to deal with shocked witnesses, and break the news to bereaved relatives.’
    • ‘During the American occupation, she visited orphans, bereaved families and war veterans.’
    • ‘There is so little we can do to comfort bereaved families but on this occasion all that could be done was done.’
    • ‘Candles will be lit and put on the altar by a representative from each family who have been bereaved.’
    • ‘This is a new charity that was set up by two families who were bereaved by suicide.’
    • ‘The new booklet is dedicated to individuals and families who have been bereaved by suicide.’
    • ‘Votes of sympathy were extended to all the members who were recently bereaved.’
    • ‘He offered condolences to all who had been bereaved and thanked all who had helped out in any way during the year.’
    • ‘David was always available to counsel bereaved relatives and set up a bereavement counselling service.’
    • ‘Rather, bereaved families would take comfort from the belief that their son or daughter died for a greater cause.’
    • ‘We wish to express our sincere condolences to all in our community who were bereaved during the year.’
    • ‘A lot of people I'm encountering lately seem to have been recently bereaved.’
    • ‘Many families have been bereaved following the deaths of men doing an honest day's work.’
    • ‘For the survivors and relatives of the bereaved the nightmare goes on.’
    • ‘I know of one who was bereaved and had friends and family speeding to offer their support.’
    • ‘The immediate response to such human tragedy must be empathy with the pain of those injured and the grief of those bereaved.’
    orphaned, widowed
    deprive, dispossess, rob, divest, strip
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Old English berēafian (see be-, reave). The original sense was ‘deprive of’ in general.