Definition of berberis in English:



  • A plant of a genus that comprises the barberries.

    Genus Berberis, family Berberidaceae

    • ‘This is cheap and easy to do with specimens such as berberis, buddleia, cornus, kerria, philadelphus, spirea and willow.’
    • ‘Plants which will give year-round interest but don't require much work include Mahonia x media, berberis verruculosa, weigela, euonymus, hebe, kniphofia, Sedum spectabile, wild geranium and Arum italicum.’
    • ‘I'd love to see it planted with dark-burgundy Cosmos atrosanguineus and red-leaved cotinus or berberis, though it would also liven up a planting of soft peach and apricot roses.’
    • ‘Plant berry-bearing plants in your garden, such as hawthorn, rowan, holly, cotoneaster and berberis.’
    • ‘Although pruning isn't strictly necessary for deciduous berberis and cotoneaster, they can be thinned out by one third in February to keep then within bounds.’


Modern Latin and Old French, from medieval Latin barbaris.