Definition of benzoquinone in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A yellow crystalline compound related to benzene but having two hydrogen atoms replaced by oxygen.

    Chemical formula: C₆H₄O₂; there are two isomers, with the oxygen atoms on opposite (1,4-benzoquinone) or adjacent (1,2-benzoquinone) carbon atoms

    • ‘Our previous results indicated that cytochrome P450 destruction by benzene metabolites was caused mainly by benzoquinone.’
    • ‘Occupational exposure to para-benzoquinone dioxime probably occurs during its manufacture, its use as a rubber vulcanizing agent and its conversion to chemical derivatives.’
    • ‘The chemical compound quinone, or 1,4 - benzoquinone, is a unicyclic, or ring phenolic compound.’
    • ‘The solution of benzoquinone is prepared immediately before the demonstration (the solution decomposes in hours).’
    • ‘In all experiments the algae were treated with benzoquinone, to inhibit metabolic activity in the chloroplast and to maintain an oxidized plastoquinone pool.’