Definition of benzol in English:


(also benzole)


mass noun
  • Crude benzene used as a fuel.

    • ‘The air reeked of oil, fat, benzole and burnt flesh.’
    • ‘In addition to the tyres, the shed also contained a number of 45-gallon drums of benzole, rubber solution and paraffin.’
    • ‘Expansion of the using industries beyond the levels anticipated in the near future would be impossible without an increase in the supply of benzol.’
    • ‘For example, chloroform causes liver cancer in female but not male mice; and though benzol and arsenic are carcinogenic in humans, they ‘are not so in any of the rodent species commonly used in experimental laboratories’.’
    • ‘Subcutaneous injections of benzol in rabbits produce marked destructive changes in the hematopoietic organs, especially in the myeloid tissue.’


Mid 19th century: from benzoic acid + -ol.