Definition of benzenoid in English:



  • Having the six-membered ring structure or aromatic properties of benzene.

    • ‘With the benzenoid ring class of compounds, the absorption maxima are generally between 265 m and 285 m, frequently with the trough near the 253.7 m line.’
    • ‘We first consider a class of pericondensed benzenoid graphs consisting of two rows of hexagons of various lengths.’
    • ‘It is shown that all the circuits of a catacondensed benzenoid system are conjugated.’
    • ‘This is the homepage of computer program for visualization of the resonance graphs of benzenoid graphs.’
    • ‘In August 2003 the computer program made conjecture 1001 stating that for any benzenoid graph, the size of a maximum matching equals the number of positive eigenvalues.’