Definition of benzene ring in English:

benzene ring


  • The hexagonal unsaturated ring of six carbon atoms present in benzene and many other aromatic molecules.

    • ‘The use of atomic orbitals on each of the six carbon atoms in the benzene ring to form molecular orbitals is an example of one of the most powerful computational methods used in the study of bonding in molecules.’
    • ‘In a chemical sense, an ‘aromatic compound’ is one that contains a six-membered benzene ring or one of its chemical relatives.’
    • ‘However, if one or both faces of the benzene ring are water-exposed, the wavelength of the fluorescence peak is usually near 350 nm.’
    • ‘The unsaturated benzene ring readily reacts with halogens, rapidly discoloring bromine water.’
    • ‘This species substitutes for a proton on an electron rich carbon in the benzene ring.’