Definition of Benue-Congo in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a major branch of the Niger–Congo family of languages, spoken mainly in Nigeria and including Efik and Fula.

    • ‘Frequently Niger-Congo is divided into the linguistic subgroups: Atlantic, Benue-Congo, Kwa, Mande and Voltaic.’
    • ‘The Yorùbá language belongs to the West Benue-Congo of the Niger-Congo.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Adamawa-Ubangi branches and Benue-Congo of the subfamily Niger-Congo nearly cover the whole Congolese territory.’
    • ‘The only published data on eBoze are some hundred words in the Benue-Congo Comparative Wordlist.’
    • ‘Luganda belons to the Bantu subgroup of the Benue-Congo of the Niger-Congo language family.’


  • [mass noun] The Benue-Congo group of languages.

    • ‘Formerly considered as a Kwa language, recent research has placed Ibo in the Benue-Congo family of languages.’
    • ‘Other African languages which have only singular logophoric pronouns include Babungo, a Grassfields language, Igbo, a Benue-Congo language, and Songhai, a Central Sudanic language.’
    • ‘Like most Benue-Congo languages, Ibibio is tonal and is an example of a terraced level tone language.’
    • ‘By far the most populous branch of the Niger-Congo family is the Benue-Congo group that includes over 700 languages.’


From the names of rivers.