Definition of Bengal light in English:

Bengal light


  • A kind of firework giving off a blue flame and used for lighting or signalling.

    • ‘The lights were called Bengal lights and were the kind used at sea to signal for help or give warning.’
    • ‘Castles, chateaux and ruins shine in the Bengal lights and the evening fireworks.’
    • ‘During the 14 month siege, the surprise attacks of the enemy were frustrated by the frequent use of Bengal lights, and at intervals incandescent globes of fire were hurled from catapults at the enemy.’
    • ‘The children were having a real good time, either with Bengal lights or thundering firecrackers.’
    • ‘Shortly before the stroke of the midnight bell, the International Hotel burst out in a blaze of colored Bengal lights which illuminated the streets in a beautiful manner.’


Bengal light

/bɛŋˈɡɔːl ˌlʌɪt/